the Road map

A successful design project takes planning and preparation. We have created the road map for you, and will be your guid throughout the process.

We’ve had a brief chat, and you think we could be a good match. Awesome, now what? We schedule your Consultation! Before our meet up we ask you to complete and return to us our new client form. It’s a fun way for us to get to know you and gives us a better insight on how to get you to your end goal, a space that truly is your own. The Consultation is an on site meeting lasting up to 2 hours, a stand alone service at a flat fee. We determine the overall goal of the project, identify problems, possible solutions, and next steps to take. We type up a Consultation Summery for you to use as a road map moving forward.

3 | Lets meet up

Now that you know you need help, pick up the phone or send us an e-mail. We are dying to hear about your current design situation and where you would like to end up. We can help you get there. Tell us your story! 

2 | MAke the call

You are standing in your space knowing you want a change, but completely overwhelmed by all the decisions and have no idea where to start to get your project done. Good news, you just made the first step in the design process! Proceed to the next step.

1 | start here

what you can expect

After Trade Day we roll right into Design + Documentation a 3 phase process, including Conceptual Design, Design Development, and Construction Documents. This is where the bulk of the work happens behind the scenes. At the end of each phase we will meet for a presentation to review our progress. The best and most successful projects are a true collaboration. As we prepare all required drawings, source and select furniture, fixtures and finishes, create the budget, and prepare the presentation package, we rely strongly on your input. You can expect to hear from us on a weekly basis, keeping you up to date with the progress being made.

6 | rolling up our sleeves

You did it! You took the next step to making your dream a reality. You returned the signed contract and retainer. And we have moved from dream stage to execution phase. Next step, Trade Day. This is a full day on site, you are not required to be at this meeting. It’s our time to take measurements, inventory, photographs, and meet and consult with all trades to be involved. Upon our return to the office, we take all our notes from the day and create a detailed line item Furnishing Schedule. We will give you an update at the end of the day as to what you can expect next.

5 | Dream to reality

4 | Moving forward

You have your road map in hand. Maybe things don’t seem so overwhelming now, maybe your project is something you have the time to handle on your own. We are so happy we could help you get to this point! But maybe your project is bigger than you can handle on your own, and you are still feeling overwhelmed by the next steps. Good news, that’s our job and we love it! You can choose to move into a full service design contract with us working to bring your project to completion. At this point we require a signed contract and retainer before moving to the next step.

All the purchase orders have been placed, we have our tracking report in hand, and the budget has been updated with any changes. It’s important to us that we keep an open line of communication, and we like to schedule a meeting to review budget and our progress. At this point in the project you may start to feel burn out, that is totally normal! There is always a big lead up to the presentation and maybe a bit of a misconception that the project is near completion. We are here to answer questions and clarify things along the way.

9 | progress + review

So you fell in love with the presentation! You have approved the proposal and given us your deposit. You really got this client thing down! And guess what? We are now out of the Design Phase and entering the Project Management Phase. But that doesn’t mean our work is done. We get straight to work creating purchase orders, tracking and receiving those orders, and building an installation calendar. You can expect to hear from us with weekly updates durning this phase.

8 | making it happen

We know you are dying to see what we have been up to, it’s presentation time! We require that all parties be present for these meetings. We walk you through a complete picture of your project, visual and budgetary. Presenting to you all drawings, finishes and furnishings and a proposal for the purchasing of those finishes and furnishings. At the 3rd and final design meeting we also require a deposit on the furnishing proposal to move on to the procurement phase. It’s a lot to take in, we know. However, we find a complete presentation package saves time and money, and who doesn’t like that?

7 | all the pretty things

Welcome home! We literally live for this next step. The big reveal is scheduled, and we are ready to present you with your finished project. We guid you through the space revealing all the things you were so excited about back at the presentation. You have come a long way! Your project has been completely styled based on your needs and personality. The styling items are on loan to us for your approval, and we leave you with a styling price list to review for 48 hours. After that you keep what you want and we return to receive payment for those items, and box up what you choose not to keep. We aren’t quite done yet…

12 | the big reveal

By now any construction or renovation is complete, or wrapping up. Furniture is being received, inspected, and stored off site at our insured furnishing handler and installation contractor’s facility. We review your styling needs, those little touches that really make a project come to life, and review our styling process. A finalized installation calendar is set and dates of install are scheduled. At this point we ask that you step away, maybe take that trip you have been wanting to go on, you deserve a break it’s been a long road! This is where the magic happens! We come in with our professional cleaning service, movers and installers to provide you with a turnkey service. We try and schedule our photographer durning this time, but reserve the right to photograph at a latter date. You can be sure your project is ready for it’s close up!

11 | it's all coming together

Durning any job including renovation or construction, we are working both on site and behind the scenes, preforming site checks, and tracking and receiving orders. During this time we may call you into site visit meetings with the trades from time to time, and we will be checking in with you weekly with progress updates. 

10 | construction + recieving

We love what we do, and clients like you make our job that much sweeter! Thank you for choosing us to guid you through your project. Our clients are extended family, neighbors on our road, so welcome to the road we are glad you came.

15 | thank you

What a story you have to tell! We want to celebrate your journey. Our final project meeting is held after all deficiencies have been resolved. We present you with your Client Binder, a priceless tool for you to keep and use, full of all the details of your project. You can also expect your final invoice with your retainer applied as credit. Our goal is to surpass all your expectations and create an exceptional experience, as well as finished product. We hope you have enjoyed the ride!

14 | you have reached your destination

It’s OK, we got you! Things are bound to happen, and we do our best to catch any deficiencies early on. We have our systems in place to do just that. In the case that anything slips through the cracks, you can rest assured we will handle them in a timely manner. 

13 | but what if

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