Bookshelves in attic playroom with cloud wallpaper on the ceiling

Before + After

October 11, 2018

Have I ever mentioned that children are literally THE BEST CLIENTS?! In this case I was officially working for mom and grandma, but the kids were the main focus, no adulting allowed!

This project was a dream from start to finish! After downsizing to a granny flat on the family farm, these clients wanted to provide a magical space for their grandchildren to escape to. The newly constructed home had an unfinished attic space perfect for the task.

Unfinished white attic space
Unfinished white attic space

The design was inspired by the views of the Carpinteria foothills from the two dormer windows in the space, with a little added whimsey. I was given free rein to let my imagination run wild, creating a space that feels as if you were up in the trees, instead of in grandma’s attic. Really not a far stretch for me as I just recreated my childhood fantasy of a treehouse full of whimsical creatures and friends!

Attic space with cedar shingle tv wall and built in bench, cloud wallpaper, flying pigs, blue
Attic play space with cloud ceiling, tree and animal wall stickers

Built in bunks were added for each of the grandchildren, a girl and a boy. I played with texture and pattern, layering wallpaper and wall stickers, cedar shingles, and driftwood collected from the local beaches. There is a space for everything with plenty of storage, imaginative play with magnetic wallpaper, reading nooks, movie nights, and plenty of day dreaming.

Built in bunk with drop cloth curtain, rope tie back, and bear picture
Blue built in bunk bed with floral bedding and lama art print

My head is usually up in the clouds, dreaming and scheming. So I felt quite at home in this finished space. I’m secretly hoping I get invited back for a play date! Mean while here is a little peek of the space before and after!

Built in dormer window reading nook with drop cloth drapery and whimsical pillows



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