Holiday window display with neon sign #WeLiveInParadise

Santa Barbara Shines

December 23, 2019

Close up of holiday window with neon sign #WeLiveInParadise

Finding Holiday Cheer

The holidays are moving at warp speed and before we know it we will be ringing in the new decade! I hope you have found some time to make spirits bright! But if not there is still time. One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to jump in the car for a family evening drive to see the Christmas lights. That is still true today. I am also a sucker for a good holiday window. I have fond memories of decorating the holiday windows of my parent’s hardware store on Thanksgiving morning. So when I was approached by the Cearnal Collective to create a holiday window for the Santa Barbara Shines Window Walk in downtown Santa Barbara I was all in!

Mood Board for Rincon Road Holiday Window design. Images of lounging ladies, flamingos and beach cabanas
Mood Board for the RR window “A California Girl’s Luxury Wishlist”

2nd Annual Santa Barbara Shines Window Walk

This is the 2nd annual Santa Barbara Shines Window Walk. Presented by Luxe Interiors + Design magazine and the Cearnal Collective as a design and community building event. A group of us local designers partnered with trades and vendors transforming vacant store fronts in the downtown area. The theme, A Tropical Holiday Affair, is in conjunction with the Santa Barbara Annual Holiday Parade. The goal is to bring visibility to the local businesses and professionals in the community. Thanks to the event sponsors a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade and Heal the Ocean.

before image of 623 1/2 State Street where Rincon Rd window is located

After hearing the theme, I immediately thought of all the local talent that inspire me #WeLiveInParadise. “The California Girl’s Luxury Wishlist” was in full effect! Inspired by Heidi Merrick’s flamingo’s from her 2019 Spring Summer line, my list soon grew. Over the past years we have been hit with wild disasters, and I thought we could all use a little escapism. What girl doesn’t dream of her luxury wishlist?

completed window design, wishlist to Santa, rope surfboard, presents, cane chair, gold tropical leaves, neon sign #WeLiveInParadise
Red door with "press for Champagne" button and gold tropical leaf wreath
Wishlist to Santa, stocking filled, presents and gold tropical leaves

Where to Find the RR Window

The windows are on display December 5th through January 3rd, and the Rincon Rd Design Studio window can be fond at 623 1/2 State Street. It is in good company with plenty of talented designers participating this year. So if you find yourself downtown, grab a hot chocolate and take a stroll!

Santa Barbara Shines Window Walk details


A special thank you to all the contributors to “The California Girl’s Luxury Wishlist! You all inspire me. Specialty Construction ~ Ferguson ~ Sydney Harbour Paint Company ~ Heidi Merrick ~ The Office Of Angela Scott ~ Mate Gallery ~ Loveworn

Rincon Road Design Studio thanks contributors to the window

Extra Holiday Cheer!

P.S. Apparently the Santa Barbara Downtown Organization holds a contest for holiday windows, and the Rincon Rd window and the Cearnal Collective window are named “Best Pop Up”! Hows that for holiday cheer?!

Wishing you all the very best!



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