A Sign of the Time(line)s

June 16, 2021

As an Interior Designer, I get asked a variety of questions. Most are about kitchens and baths. Some are about organization and storage. A few are about the market. The most critical question in 2021, however, rarely gets asked.


Of course, all jobs are different and this timeline serves as a general guide. Ground-up jobs can take years, a full remodel could be in construction for 6 months, and a lot depends on the client. Then again, a simple paint and furniture refresh is much shorter. 

Best way to speed things up? Trust the process.


So, you know the space you want to change. It seems like a lot of work. You give me a call, and I’m invited over to take a peek at what we’re dealin’ with at an on-site consultation. We hit it off, fall in love, and the rest is history. Oh, wait. What? Sorry, jumping ahead here. 

The two-hour consultation gives us a good idea of any problems we might run into, their possible solutions, and the next steps we should take. Now having the goal of your overall project in mind, we type up a Consultation Summary that we’ll use as a road map moving forward.


Next, I’ll come back to the site for Trade Day and leave you with a Furnishing Schedule. This is when I’ll take measurements, inventory, photographs, and consult with all of the trades that’ll be involved with your project. 

If the paperwork and measurements aren’t correct or organized, your project can be set back (at a minimum) several months, and major problems can arise later when there are more people involved. It’s critical for your project to have professional direction, especially if a smooth process and timely manner are important to you.


We start the design and documentation process, which is comprised of three phases: conceptual design, design development, and construction documents. A lot of unglamorous, behind-the-scenes heavy lifting takes place here, but not without a heads up on where we’re at – we’ll meet for a presentation at the end of each stage to review our progress.


Then, I’ll prepare all required drawings, source furniture, and curate a selection of fixtures and finishes. The budget will be created along with the final presentation package. Our professional materials are above industry-standard and provide a clear understanding of an otherwise complicated process.


Unfortunately, COVID-19 has significantly impacted this step. The U.S. has experienced a furniture shortage and unanticipated shipping delays across a wide range of industries, resulting in longer wait times.


Our approach to this challenge is to control what we can, instead of focusing on what we can’t. So, in 2020 and beyond, we’ve sped up the other phases of our timeline to give deliveries the time it’s demanding. We do everything we can to keep our clients top-of-mind.

Once furniture is received, it’s inspected and stored off-site at our insured furnishing handler and installation contractor’s facility. We review your styling needs, add those little touches that really make a project come to life, and review our styling process.


At this point we ask that you step away, maybe take that trip you have been wanting to go on, you deserve a break it’s been a long road! We come in with our professional cleaning service, movers, and installers to provide you with a turnkey service.


The fact is, project timelines today look much different than they did pre-COVID. If you want something to get done, you need an experienced professional to help you navigate your project (and someone you shouldn’t have to wait for). 

At Rincon Road, we take initiative. A successful project takes planning and preparation. For more information and a step-by-step guide to our process, head over to the Road Map.

Contact us today to get the ball rolling!



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